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A conservatory is more than just an extra space, it opens your home up to a whole new way of living.

A conservatory is the place where your house meets the garden and you can bring the outdoors in, whatever the season. From relaxing afternoons to stylish parties, romantic dining to raucous entertaining, a conservatory really is the most versatile room in your home.

Guaranteed to become the most popular place in the house, it can be used all year round - which is why we build them to last. Warm and comforting in winter, cool and airy in summer, a conservatory will transform your home and quality of life

Product Types

  • Lean-to
    Aliver 100
    The ALIVER 100 series is a conservatory roof system without thermal break to build conservatories and domes.
    Aliver 1000
    The ALIVER 1000 series is a roof system with thermal break to build conservatories and domes with a limited span.
    Aliver 2000+
    The ALIVER 2000+ series is a roof system with thermal break to build conservatories and domes with a large span. This is the most frequently used series for conservatory roofs.
    Aliver 5000+
    The ALIVER 5000+ series is a thermally broken conservatory roof system.
  • Other
    Alu Pergola
    This Aluminium pergola system is built up from pillars and beams. Most of the base-components originate from the ALIVER series.
    Manual Roof
    This system is for using on an ALIVER 1000 or 2000 roof system to give a manual controlled 2 part sliding roof.
    This roof system has been developed to give in to the need for a good covering and glazing facility for wooden Pergola's and conservatories.
    Rooflight 2000
    Roof light system for conservatory roofs with thermal break that can be built into the following series: ALIVER, VT, APS and PR (restricted).
  • Victorian
    The Victorian roof system distinguishes itself from the ordinary conservatories by means of its particular form, shape and aesthetic appearance as well its thermal insulation.
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